Counting the Stars

Today I am going to “count the stars” of my world. I mean I’m going to notice things, pay attention, listen, be. I’m going to give my eyes and ears to the mundane, to the ordinary, to the slip of paper here on the computer desk and to the address scribbled on it in blue ink—to the clock with “Turbine Room” on it—to the flowers in my front yard—to the cherry poptart with white icing—most especially to my hot cup of coffee with whole, organic milk in it.

I’m also going to give my eyes and ears and self to the person talking to me. Listening seems the greatest gift we can give anyone. I don’t mean with my ears only but with my whole being. My staying wholly present in a conversation, listening with my whole self and not thinking of an answer or a comment back to my friend, gives another person a vast space in which to be.

Don’t we all need that?

So I’m going to count the stars today.

About Carmen

I teach English at Shorter College in beautiful Rome, Georgia.
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One Response to Counting the Stars

  1. Peggy Murphy Wooddall says:

    You got it! That is the most important gift we can give to another human being… our undividednotansweringthecellphoneblackberrytextmessageimtwittertelephone
    turn off the tvcomputergameboywiips2whateverotherthingyistryingtocompeteforourattention distraction! We absolutely must get together for a cuppa and some face-to-face time… i miss you, friend…


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