Driving with Grace

Now, I have gone through various stages in my driving. I have mentally pushed cars outtamyway when they didtakeevertoolong to PULLOFFTHEROADWHENTHEYARETURNINGRIGHTHOWHARDISTHAT?! This mental pushing has often been accompanied by my talking meanly to the driver in the other car, in spite of the fact that he/she can’t even hear me. I have also on occasion through the years shouted inside my car at the other driver’s “stupidity.” And I have in the past been quick to honk my horn long and aggressively and plow on forward.

But now something has changed. When I drive and someone is slow to turn right and get off the road (my pet peeve in driving) or pulls out in the parking lot without looking behind them, I pray for them, either with words or just in the way you do when you send a feeling of peace and God’s grace in Christ to someone.

What is up with me? I am a middle-aged Cuban-American woman, historically short on patience. But something has transformed inside of me.

I have found driving is a way of praying. When I see an ambulance, I pray for the drivers and the patient and their family. When someone annoys me in any way driving, I pray for them. I pray for those who smile at me as I pull up beside them in my car, and as my car comes to rest at the red light, I pray for those who look suspiciously through my Honda Accord’s windows. I pray for the young men in the souped up car with the outsized wheels and shiny chrome. I pray for the young mother riding down the road with the baby in the car seat. I pray for the men and women in the fire truck.

And on and on.

It makes me slow down and see the others in those vehicles as people. They are no longer THINGSINMYWAY.

Thank goodness. It gives me great hope for other areas where I need to change. If I can accept God’s love and grace in this area of my life where before I had been so loud and obnoxious and stupid, then there is hope for other areas where I need to accept God’s love.

I have decided that not accepting God’s love in my life is an arrogance I am no longer willing to practice.

About Carmen

I teach English at Shorter College in beautiful Rome, Georgia.
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