LaVonne Neff’s Column on Her.meneutics

Well-respected author, editor, publishing consultant, avaricious reader, also (as her bio reads) “grandmother of three, the mother of two, the dogmother of two, the wife of one, and the friend of many” LaVonne Neff has an excellent column now out on Her.meneutics, Christianity Today‘s new cool blog for women.

But first let’s look at this interesting nomenclature. As we all know, the Oxford English Dictionary defines hermeneutics as “The art or science of interpretation, esp. of Scripture. Commonly distinguished from exegesis or practical exposition.” So we might assume that “her.meneutics” here in this cleverly titled, purposefully punctuated “blog for women” means that the women writing this blog are modern-day Hermeses, so-called for their similarity to Hermes, that ancient Greek herald, scribe, and messenger of the Gods, winging by means of the Internet their interpretations of Christianity’s message of faith, hope, and love throughout the known world. Hermeneutics does come from the Greek root for “to make clear, interpret,” itself originally derived from, yes, Hermes.

LaVonne Neff’s April 21, 2009, column is titled, “Blog Comments and Christian Courtesy: Some otherwise loving believers could use a remedial course in table manners.” I won’t steal its thunder. You should read it yourself and can here. LaVonne also has a blog, Lively Dust. I will say this, however. I love that LaVonne Neff concludes her column with this compelling idea:

Honesty is important. Disagreement is unavoidable. Discussion is healthy. But when we discuss controversial issues, can we do so calmly, kindly, and politely, as we would surely do if we were disagreeing with a close friend, at the dinner table?

I applaud her well-timed point and believe that Christians need to work on becoming more of a loving family rather than a squabbling, dysfunctional one.

So pass the peas, please.

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One Response to LaVonne Neff’s Column on Her.meneutics

  1. Celestia says:

    I whole-heartedly agree! I also like this bit: “I love it when polite, well-brought-up people of opposing viewpoints disagree vigorously. Iron sharpens iron, and let the sparks fly! Mature people know how to do this respectfully. They treat their opponents with courtesy, as they would wish to be treated themselves.”

    It tends to baffle me how quickly people forget how well the Golden Rule works.

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