Being Grateful

A long time ago, I heard a minister preach about gratitude. One point has stuck with me since, and I have ruminated on it more hours than I can tally. He said, “People either choose in life to be grateful, or they choose to be complainers.” I am afraid that I am too often in the Eyeore category, but my goal is to find myself in the Being-Thankful one. I no longer separate people in my mind as sinners or not (that was a very youthful divide, before I knew my own sinful self) or as this denomination or that denomination or as this persuasion or that persuasion. The divides are rarer and rarer, although I do find myself thinking of three still, and perhaps those, too, can fall eventually:

Those people who are grateful and those who complain.
Those people who work hard and those who do not.
Those people who are community-builders and those who are narcissistic.

My hope is to struggle into the first of each of those categories and to also learn not to put others into them!

How does love divide the world? Simply, it doesn’t.

Peace, Carmen

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I teach English at Shorter College in beautiful Rome, Georgia.
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One Response to Being Grateful

  1. Donna Wright says:

    People in their chosen divide try to pull people in with them. I guess it legitimizes the behavior to have more people participating. I’ve decided this is really our sin nature because it it is done from a young age and without forethought or planning. People sometimes will behave more poorly in a group–making decisions they would never make alone.

    We must decide to be in the first category or with no decision we’ll be in the latter.

    I want to be in the first category too–and work to pull people in with me. The world will be a better place. . . it will prepare us for heaven too.

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