Book-Signing Joy!

Thanks to everyone who came out today on a busy, sunny Saturday in Rome, Georgia! It was an awesome gathering, filled with terrific, kind friends and family! Some traveled many hours to get there, and I thank you for making that special effort. Seeing you brought much joy to my heart and to others there, too. It was just like a reunion, and also new friends were met and made. I’m thankful! Present Shorter College students, distinguished Shorter graduates, colleagues, the well-known published and award-winning Berry College poet Sandy Meek, old college friends and a high school friend or two, the National Director for InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministry and his wife (Bobby and Charlene Gross), the awesome station manager at Georgia Public Broadcasting (John Sepulvado), many other friends from the community (thanks, Dr. Fore!), family members, and many, many others gathered.

I know Anonymous would be nonplussed at all the fuss over his books, but I am thankful that they are once again seeing the light of day in this latest edition because their message of prayer and love and peace in Christ is much needed by me and by others in this technologically driven, communicationally challenged world. I hope those who read his words find the peace that passes all understanding in them, as I did and do.

Many thanks again go to Kris Wilder for planning this book-signing extravaganza and for making it all happen! Thanks, too, to the sweet and wonderful Doris Acevedo for the fragrant and unending bouquet of freshly cut roses of all hues! Thanks, Mom! Thanks, too, to two children I know who stayed the whole two hours and then some. I love you!

God bless you all! Carmen

About Carmen

I teach English at Shorter College in beautiful Rome, Georgia.
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