Why I love being the mom of a seventh grader

I get invited to middle school musicals, band concerts, and chorus concerts.
I am given the opportunity to learn how to communicate better and am reminded that if I would just shut up and listen, all would be well.
I get to ride on long band trips on the bus and am invited by 7th graders to play 20 questions.
I learn that you can borrow a sheet of paper and jot down a trivia test that lists three examples of three stages of the English language and interest the same 7th graders on that band bus into guessing which sample is Old English, which is Middle English, and which is Renaissance. O-la! AND your teenager is on the second bus! (Well, of course she is–you would NOT do such a dorky trivia test if she were on the same bus!)
I learn that it is NOT cool to imitate the code words, the lingo, the argot of your teenager. Do not say *Moo!* as you pass by her phone as she is talking with a good friend. “Oh, MOM!”
I say over and over, “GO TO BED!”
I learn, once again, that prayer is like oxygen.

About Carmen

I teach English at Shorter College in beautiful Rome, Georgia.
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