This short blog (short because I’m revising/reworking a book) celebrates flowers—daffodils, jonquils, little violets, little snow bells, those artificial pear trees, cherry trees, those purple-flowering trees (name of?), and now the dogwoods.

I am no longer complacent about spring. It’s a miracle. Each flower holds a message of hope and joy and beauty, straight from God. I get excited about each one. I make my children stop with me on walks, so I can smell the flowers. I make my children sniff the flowers.

Spring—hope; I am thankful to be alive. Now, back to the book revision!

About Carmen

I teach English at Shorter College in beautiful Rome, Georgia.
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5 Responses to Flowers

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks for the short blog. It reminded me to keep my eyes on the miracles happening all around us. There really is hope and joy and beauty in every flower. It truly is amazing and inspiring.

    I think that purple flowering tree could be a tulip poplar –not sure, though!

    Thanks, Carmen!!

  2. site admin says:

    Thanks! Tulip poplar sounds good! I’m going to ask my mom; she will probably be able to confirm your point! God bless you, Sharon! Carmen

  3. Dot Street says:

    I have not read all your entries, but just want to let you know how wonderfully surprised to read the article in the Cherokee Tribune on 3/28.
    I have never lost my thankfulness for springtime. What a glorious rebirth of our earth and the fullness of time. My yard is alive with forsythis, lentenroses (of course), English primroses, azaleas, keri roses, and “money plants” which are beginning to populate the “back forty” and the lot next door.
    I have read and enjoyed your entry on your visit to the monastery in Conyers. God bless. Dot

  4. site admin says:

    Hi, Mrs. Street! “Dot” just won’t do! I surely appreciate this comment and that you found me online. It was a joy to do the Cherokee Tribune interview. Ashley Fuller did a terrific job! Your yard sounds beautiful. My mother stays so busy; she is hardly “retired.” I am sure you are the same. Please tell Coach Street that I said, “Hi,” also Wendy and David. Love and God bless you all, too, Carmen

  5. kurye says:

    Flowers « Carmen’s Chatter great article thank you.

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