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Cool Steps

The concrete steps are cool because they have been in the shade of a brick wall most of the afternoon, and also it is long after supper. The dishes have been washed, and the wooden round table wiped clean with … Continue reading

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Leonard Cohen’s “The Window”

Thanks to Facebook postings by Dr. Elizabeth Kraft, a professor of English at the University of Georgia, my former professor of Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama, and author of numerous books on eighteenth-century British literature, I have come to know the … Continue reading

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The Shade of the Shadow

I’ve been singing Psalms lately. Sing them long enough, and we memorize them; or they begin memorizing us. Every day, my hope is that I will learn to love more as Christ did and does and will. I think it … Continue reading

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What Is Arrogance?

Everything is pink. I mean everything is every shade of pink imaginable. You don’t know pink until you have been here. A few weeks ago, students hung dark fuchsia curtains around the door. Then, through the open door, I see … Continue reading

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