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7.3 and 149

A thousand trucks hauling full loads would need several years to clear away the wreckage left by the 7.3-magnitude earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince and sent shock waves from there throughout Haiti six months ago, on January 12, 2010. But not … Continue reading

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Very Important Summer Activities (VISAs)

Here are several Very Important Summer Activities (or VISAs) that do not require a VISA. 1) Admire the clouds. Slam open a dictionary or click on to look up the etymology of cloud, if you want, but it’s not … Continue reading

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A Few of the Many Times I’ve Said: “Next Time, I’ll. . . .”

1) NOT tuck my new Samsung Mythic under my arm while I stand in Walgreen’s clutching three different after-sun lotions for my daughter at 11:45 at night because . . . the nice black gel case on it that slips … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Happy

Milk. Apple juice. Coffee. Waffles on weekends. A yellow bouquet of flowers in my kitchen. Bare feet on hardwood floors. The scent of citrus and cilantro candles. Green leaves out my kitchen windows. Watermelon-colored crepe myrtles in my front yard. … Continue reading

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Actually, this column is NOT about s’mores, and I’m not going to apologize about that because who would read a column titled “Grammar”? Well, likely Danielle Buckley would, but still. Anyway, grammar is as delicious to me as s’mores, and … Continue reading

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