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This short blog (short because I’m revising/reworking a book) celebrates flowers—daffodils, jonquils, little violets, little snow bells, those artificial pear trees, cherry trees, those purple-flowering trees (name of?), and now the dogwoods. I am no longer complacent about spring. It’s … Continue reading

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Painting a bathroom

is really like writing a book. First, you must prepare. You must research the paint. You must determine if you need semi-gloss or something different. You must figure out how much you need. Then you must go get the paint. … Continue reading

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The Abbey in Conyers, Georgia

Yes, there is an abbey in Conyers, Georgia. My friend Gary Davis, also Postmaster at Shorter College (and such a gem he is!) said to me today when I told him where I went this weekend, “Yes, I know of … Continue reading

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