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Around Berkeley



California Nature



TOY (Teacher of the Year) Party, High Acres, Shorter College

Dr. Harold Newman & Carmen; Dr. Harold Newman & Carmen; Mr. Greg Owens & Dr. Craig Shull; Dr. Renva Watterson; Mrs. Doris Acevedo; Mrs. Stephanie Owens & Mr. Greg Owens


Gorgeous calla lily arrangement by Mrs. Diane Shull; Delicious gooey treats; Amber the Great Student; Dr. Ben McFry, Kafka Expert; Mrs. Laurie Douglas and Dr. Jimmy Douglas!


Ms. Jody Waddle; Mr. John Rivest; Mr. John Rivest & Mrs. Lynne Moosberg; Rachel Wooddall & the Fantastic Mrs. Peggy Wooddall; the inimitable and impeccable Mr. Gary Davis!


Julie Murphy, Jonathan Howard; Julie Murphy; Mr. Loren Acevedo; Mr. and Mrs. Langham (Cindy is a Shorter alumna!)


This young lady gets a row all to herself because we must pause to ask: Do librarians and Deans of Libraries REALLY look this au courant? Mrs. Kim Herndon!


The Dr. Wilson Hall!

All gorgeous flowers created by Mrs. Diane Shull!

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II, Mr. Sean Butcher, and Dr. Carmen Acevedo Butcher, London, September 1990

Which only proves that sometimes a person who meets the Queen can also be fortunate enough one day to drive a pickup truck.

Dr. Butcher and her "brand new used" Ford F-150, Rome, GA, January 2007, quotation from Bruce Springsteen as shared by Dr. Bill Rice, third from the left below, between Mr. George Thomason and Exeter U.'s Danielle Buckley

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Professor of the Year for Georgia
Washington, D.C., Trip


The Lucy Contest Winners

We have a winner! Even two! The contest entries poured in. Thanks to all who participated so intelligently. Your entries went into my Sutton Hoo helmet, and these winners' names were drawn out on the 31st of August: Beth Gibbons and Katharine Lovvorn! Congratulations to the first and second place winners. Obviously, these are two brilliant ladies! For the answers to the etymologically challenging questions, watch for August Fuller's article in the upcoming Periscope.

Birgitta of Sweden (a.k.a. Toni Mendez, July 2005)

Mystics Class, Presentation Day, July 2005
Interdisciplinary Class

Birgitta speaks to a 21st-century audience


Seoul Photo Diary 2005

Founded in 1960 by Jesuits


Sogang University!

Sogang means "west of the river."

Flowers from Sogang University Students on Teacher's Day.
See blog.


Flowers from Sogang University Graduate Scholars


12 May 2005 Linguistics Lecture at Sogang University: "The Case Against 'Native Speaker'"

Thanks to Profs. Park and Cho

Reading From Brother Anthony's Translation of Ku Sang


". . . the long and checkered history of native."

Wonderful Sogang University Audience

Distinguished Guests


Fulbright Review Meeting
April 2005

Fulbright Review Editing Team

Fall Foliage on Sogang University Campus, Seoul


Yellow Sinchon Gingko Leaves Fall 2004


Mt. Ansan Temple, Seoul

Novelist Chang-Rae Lee at Sogang University in April 2005


Chang-Rae Lee Lecturing in Seoul at Sogang University


Chang-Rae Lee signing Aloft


Korean rice cakes (song pyun) made by Mrs. Kioki, our landlady


Namhansanseong Fortress Sign

At Namhansanseong Fortress


Rock pagodas


Beautiful May day 2005


Namhansanseong South Gate


Namhansanseong Wall (1624)


Typical Seoul Rootop near Sogang University


Sogang University in Winter


Sogang University Front Gate


Sogang University's Obedire Veritati Fountain

"Obey the Truth."


Sogang University Fountain Spring 2005


Sogang University Azaleas



Sogang University in Spring


Sogang University Administration Building


Fr. Theodor Geppert Statue and Rock Garden on Sogang University Campus

Fr. Theodor Geppert Statue


Fr. Theodor Geppert teaches.


Fr. Theodor Geppert watches Seoul.


Sogang University


Sogang University Spring 2005


Sogang University Hiking Hill

Sogang University Statue of Ignatius

Sogang University Rock Garden


Sogang University's Loyola Library


Sogang University Soccer Field

Sogang U. Path Leading from Loyola Library to Xavier Hall


Sogang University Nearing Xavier Hall, also Dasan Building


Cresting the Hill, Loyola Library


Sogang University in Spring


Xavier Hall at Sogang University


Steps up to Xavier Hall

Sogang University's Wonderful English Department TA's

Kaffeeklatsch with Excellent Linguistic Graduate Scholars Spring 2005


Sogang University's Splendid English Department TA's Again

Sogang's X-Lounge, under Xavier Hall. Great oodong soup for under 2,000 won!


Dr. Butcher's Writing Scholars at Sogang University, Spring 2005


Sogang University Across from Xavier Hall, Back Campus


Sogang University Garden near Xavier Hall, April 2005


Sogang University's Dasan Building Ahead



Steps Leading to Dasan Building, with Great View of Han River from Fourth Floor


Sogang University Back Campus


Sogang University Back Gate

Sogang University's Back Gate with Friendly Security Guards


Sogang University Back Gate


The road home is short.


The road home, and the lady pushing a cart filled with cardboard boxes for recycling


Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul


Easter Eggs Handpainted by Sogang University Community and Given to Faculty Members


At Gyeongbokgung Palace


Mt. Ansan Temple


Mt. Ansan Temple


Mt. Ansan Temple

Mt. Ansan Temple


Pocari Sweat Drink Machines at Seoul Land Zoo


Near World Cup Stadium

At Seoul Land Zoo in Freezing Weather, Feeding Seals


At Seoul Land Zoo, Feeding Seals

At Seoul Land Zoo, Feeding Seals

At Seoul Land Zoo, Lobbing Dead Fish to Seals


Seal Information

At Seoul Land Zoo with Friendly Parrot