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Current News

New York Times

Dictionaries Online
(To Define or Not to Define is not a question)

Oxford English Dictionary (OED)

Dictionary of Etymology

Indo-European Roots Index

English-Latin Dictionary (University of Notre Dame)

Latin-English Dictionary (University of Notre Dame)

Latin-English Dictionary (STOA Consortium)

More Linguistic (Not Sausage) Links

Renaissance Dictionaries and Word Usage


Basic Editing Symbols

History of Printing

The Brilliant History of Printing - Which came first, Jikji or the Gutenberg Bible?

Faith and Sacred Texts

The Gutenberg Bible

On Gutenberg

Information Literacy

Evaluating Internet Resources / BEOnline (Library of Congress)

Information Literacy (Professor Rebecca Duncan at Meredith College)

Middle English

Middle English Dictionary published by The University of Michigan

TEAMS Middle English Texts

UVA Middle English Collection

Labyrinth Library: Middle English Bookcase

Medieval Studies Page

Medieval Women Website by Shorter alum, Sherron Lux

Umilta Website by Julia Bolton Holloway

Old English

Old English Dictionary

Cædmon's Hymn

Dictionary of Old English (University of Toronto)

Dream of the Rood

Electronic AElfric Project

Electronic Guide to Old English (Peter S. Baker)

Electronic Sermo Lupi Ad Anglos (Melissa J. Bernstein)

Heroic Age Online Journal

Many Great Old English Links (University of Cambridge)

Old English Aerobics (Peter S. Baker)

Old English Newsletter

Old English at UVA (Peter S. Baker)

Bosworth-Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

Old English Pages (University of Toronto)


Finding an Agent

Preditors and Editors

Publishing Tips (Manus & Associates Literary Agency)


Audiovisual Shakespeare (Encyclopedia Britannica's audio and video clips of Shakespeare's work)

A Century of Shakespeare on Film (Kenneth S. Rothwell)

Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Folger Shakespeare Library

The Globe

Hornbooks (Including Great Photos)

Students' Shakespeare blogs (Professor Harry Rusche)

Renaissance word meanings (University of Toronto)

Selected Shakespeare Filmography (Encyclopedia Britannica)

Shakespeare Editions

Shakespeare Resources

Shakespeare Website (by Encyclopedia Britannica, includes links on Shakespeare, the Globe, Biographies, the Plays, and the Elizabethan Context)

Who's the Author? Francis Bacon, Edward de Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford, or?  

Term Papers

MLA Style Sheet (Professor Barbara Pittman at Mercyhurst College)

MLA, APA, Chicago Citation Stylesheets (UC Berkeley Library)

OWL Online Writing Lab (Purdue University)

Term Papers & Much More! (Professor James Hodges)

Timeless News

The Poetry Foundation

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