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Carmen Acevedo Butcher



with Shorter students at Barnes & Noble

Carmen Acevedo Butcher is a professor of English and Scholar-in-Residence at Shorter University in Rome, Georgia. Dr. Butcher was the 2006 Carnegie Foundation Professor of the Year for Georgia and received the 2007 President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship at Shorter University. She has been a Fulbright scholar and lecturer twice. She was a Fulbright Senior Lecturer at Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea for the 2004-2005 academic year, and she was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of London from 1989-1991, conducting research in the British Library, the Bodleian, and other Oxbridge libraries. She has also served as a commentator for Georgia Public Broadcasting and has appeared on GPB’s Georgia Gazette and The Issue. Dr. Butcher writes for Christianity Today, Christian History & Biography, Kyria, and The Well, and has also written for Cambridge University Press, Western Michigan University’s Medieval Institute, Magistra: A Journal of Women’s Spirituality in History, and others. In addition to writing articles and giving local, national, and international lectures, she is the author of books on medieval literature, Christian mystics, and linguistics. Her translation of The Cloud of Unknowing with the Book of Privy Counsel received the 46th annual Georgia Author of the Year Award, the oldest literary awards in the Southeastern United States. She also published a Lenten devotional featuring classic Christian authors, Following Christ: A Lenten Reader to Stretch Your Soul, a finalist for the 47th Georgia Author of the Year Award, as well as God of Mercy: Ælfric’s Sermons and Theology with Mercer University Press; also A Little Daily Wisdom (formerly Incandescence: 365 Readings with Women Mystics), Hildegard of Bingen: A Spiritual Reader, and Man of Blessing: A Life of St. Benedict with Paraclete Press. With John Algeo, she has published the fifth and sixth editions of classic linguistic textbooks on the History of the English Language: Problems in the Origins and Development of the English Language and Answer Key with Cengage Learning / Wadsworth. She is working on the seventh edition of these classic linguistic textbooks, including Origins and Development of the English Language. Dr. Butcher’s books are well-reviewed and often reprinted and re-issued. For her Georgia Public Broadcasting commentaries, see the “Georgia Public Broadcasting Commentator ” link above and click on these dates: November 16, 2008 (4:00 p.m.); November 15 (noon); October 15, 2008; October 8, 2008; September 8, 2008; June 13, 2008; May 24, 2008; and May 23, 2008. While a Fulbright Scholar at University College London, Carmen Acevedo Butcher was under the supervision of the late Professor John McNeal Hodgson. At the University of Georgia, Dr. Butcher studied with Dr. John Algeo, earning a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies, Phi Beta Kappa, and receiving a Graduate Student Teaching Award. She also studied at Ruprecht-Karls Universität Heidelberg as a Rotary International Graduate Scholar. A summa cum laude graduate of Shorter College, Carmen was senior class president, a recipient of the Louie D. Newton leadership and service award, a Whitworth-Muldrow Language and Literature scholar, and a member of Alpha Chi honor society. Dr. Butcher is an honor graduate of Cherokee High School in Canton, Georgia. During her Fulbright scholarship to the University of London, she met her husband, Sean Butcher, and their most unbelievable Fulbright moment was meeting Queen Elizabeth.

Dr. Carmen Acevedo Butcher speaks on a diversity of topics:

  • Ælfric of Eynsham, Tenth-Century English Author
  • Ancient Christian Disciplines
  • The Bible and Christ
  • Christian Women Mystics
  • The Cloud of Unknowing
  • Contemplative Prayer
  • Diagramming’s Joys
  • Etymology’s Wonders
  • Fulbright Scholarships
  • Grammar’s Value
  • History of the English Language
  • Martin Luther (1483-1546)
  • Martin Luther’s View of the Bible
  • Old English Sermons
  • Old, Middle, and Modern English
  • Publishing and Marketing Nonfiction
  • Reed-Kellogg Diagramming
  • Technology’s Frantic Impact: Or, Marshall McLuhan Was Right!
  • The Rule and Benedict of Nursia
  • Sociolinguistics and World Englishes
  • Why Memorize the Bible?
  • What is Lectio Divina?
  • What Makes a Global Citizen?
  • Who Needs Quiet Time?
  • The Wonders of Etymology
  • Writing Is Revising